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A hassle-free e-bike to work scheme - jolly good for you, your employees and the planet.

Blike is a completely risk-free way for your employees to own an e-bike via salary sacrifice and save on public transport. We buy the bikes upfront and insure and maintain them – meaning you just pay less in employer contributions.

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Why Go by Blike?

Hassle Free

Blike insures and maintains all our bikes, so employees are protected against theft or damage. If things change we'll simply take the bike back.

Boost health and morale

Active travel means healthier and happier employees. Riding an e-bike is effortless meaning further, faster and fitter travel without the sweat. Blike offers helmets too.

Arrive in time on time

E-bikes mean faster and more consistent travel time than driving or on public transport.

Fast track to net-zero

Make a real contribution to reducing carbon emissions and take another step towards meeting your sustainability targets.


Blike insures and maintains all our bikes, so employees are covered against theft, damage or maintenance issues. Our plans offer secure locks that meet our insurance requirements. If circumstances change or employees leave we’ll simply take the bike back.

How it works...

Employees in control

Employees choose the bike accessories and plan length via our website and place their order.

Salary Sacrifice

We send instructions for the salary sacrifice deductions that need to be processed via your payroll and can help with set-up in Xero and other accounting packages.

Sign up

Sign up to Blike via our website and we'll organise a test ride for all of your employees.

Approve Orders

You approve each new agreement and each plan has its own direct debit, so you can easily keep track of all payments.

Manage Plans

If any employee leaves during the term of their plan just let us know and we'll close off the agreement for you. We also manage all end-of-plan arrangements with the employee.

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